Examples of Transgenic Animals

The very first transgenic animal created was a mouse in 1982. Since then, scientists have crossed many other genes to create a wide variety of transgenic animals.
  • Silk-producing Goats: Scientists added cells from silk spiders to goats. The result was the goats began to produce strands of silk. The silk is strong, lightweight and is used to make clothing and other items.
  • Sheep with More Wool: Transgenic sheep have been modified to produce more wool.
  • Milkier Cows: Scientists have also modified the genes of cows. Some transgenic cows produce more milk. Others produce milk with lower cholesterol.
  • Healthier Pigs: Scientists have experimented with the creation of pigs that are resistant to the flu.
  • GloFish: The first pet available to the public, the GloFish is a Zebrafish crossed with a jellyfish.
  • Umbuku Lizard: This transgenic animal has been given the gift of flight as it is a winged lizard.
  • Dolion: One of the rarest transgenic animals, the Dolion is a dog crossed with a lion.
As you can see, the results of a transgenic animal are dependent on a scientistís recipe, but are surely no accident. Now that you know more about how scientists can modify genes, the next time you wear a silk blouse or drink a glass of milk, you may wonder if it is a product of a transgenic animal.